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TYTAN screens

Do you need special task screens? Take advantage of the maximum strength of TYTAN screens. The extremely robust design is provided by electrofusion welding technology for round and profile wires. PROGRESS SCREENS provides solutions for machines and devices in the form of sheets and screens with brackets for mounting on all types of sifters and sorters. They also work well in hardening shops as structural and safety components.


Screens to the vibrating screening machines

Screens for sorters

Security grilles

Screen decks

Screen frames

Wedge wire baskets and accessories for hardening



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Product advantages

Take advantage of the potential of

TYTAN screens in preliminary classification processes:


  • Maximum strength of the screen structure

  • Maximum opening stability

  • Extended lifetime

  • A wide range of openings and shapes and sizes of profiles

  • Versatility of applications

Manufacturing technologies

Using specialist knowledge and a modern machinery park, TYTAN screens are made in the technology of electrofusion welding from round wires and profile wires.

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Wedge wire screens – square openings


Wedge wire screens with square openings are manufactured from HT, GZ, Sa, Sb, Sba and D type round and profile wires


Wedge wire screens – rectangular openings


Wedge wire screens from profile wires are manufactured from HT, GZ, Sa, Sb, Sba and D type profile wires


For the improvement and development of product and material solutions, we use the experience of our engineers and our own Research and Development Centre


Currently, we offer PROGRESS TYTAN welded screen openings from 7.0 – 200 mm and wire diameter from 4.0 – 22.0 mm for HT and GZ heavy profiles.


For lightweight Sa, Sb, Sba and D profiles and round type profiles with a diameter of 2.0 – 5.0 mm, the maximum dimensions of the panels are 6000 x 2000 mm.


We provide detailed technical information in respect of individual requests.

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Ferrules and finishes

A wide range of tensioning brackets and accessories for tightening fixing guarantee the correct installation of PROGRESS TYTAN welded  screens on all types of vibrating sifters and sorters. The correct assembly precludes the screen from falling into its own vibrations and, as a result, cracks at the point of supports.

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Special tasks for wedge wire screens of the highest quality steel, including non-real manganese steel patented by Progress and stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels. In the construction industry, we also use low-carbon steels with Galfan and aluminum coatings.