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We help enhance the efficiency of treatment and enrichment processes

We install coal screens and screening equipment.

We offer all-inclusive services to coal yards for coal and coke screening. We provide professional advice, implementation support, design documentation, aftercare and replacement parts, including screens for screening machines.


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We offer all-inclusive services to mines and processing and recycling plants.

Take advantage of our experience in the mechanical processing of coal, gold, metal ores, potassium salt and uranium and gas and oil mining. Our mesh is factory-installed by well-established manufacturers of vibrating screens, rundown screens and setting centrifuges.

Want to improve the efficiency of processes and end product quality?
We advise on the selection of industrial screen types and parameters.

With the right selection of the screen type and parameters, we help optimise the efficiency and costs of screening, classification, dewatering and enrichment processes. We manufacture a wide variety of bespoke industrial screens, including Pro-SLOT® slotted screens, steel wire screens and rubber and polyurethane screens. With the available installation systems, special hardware and dedicated accessories, you will install our screens on all types and models of vibrating screens.

PROGRESS SCREENS® solutions and products:

Vibrating screen decks

Pro-CLIN® and Pro-LINE® slotted screens

Polyurethane modular screens

Polyurethane tension screens

TYTAN welded screens

Harp and string screens

Finger screens

Perforated screens

Rubber modular and tension screens

Dewatering centrifugal screens

Rundown slotted screens

Dewatering centrifuge baskets



We support technological processes:

Initial classification

End classification

Wet screening

Dry screening

Technological transport







Planning a large project and looking for a tried and tested partner?
We support the execution and revamping of processing lines and plants.

With a dedicated Project Manager and experienced design and process engineers, we will develop an optimum solution. We will accurately specify the implementation details using the existing infrastructure. You may also expect professional support at the test, installation, commissioning and operation stages. As regards specialised repairs of centrifuges, we are experts in the reconstruction of tungsten protection layers and steel components.


Use robust slotted baskets for dewatering centrifuges

We manufacture centrifuge baskets on the basis of our Pro-SLOT® slotted screens. Proven designs, sturdy reinforcements, precise manufacture and compliance with required tolerances make them ideal for most models of centrifuges.

You can always rely on us for support.
Use professional advice.

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