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We help enhance the efficiency of screening processes

We provide all-inclusive services to quarries, mines, sand pits and gravel pits.

Take advantage of over 30 years of experience in the screening, classification and dewatering processes in the mineral resources industry and in the production of bituminous masses and construction chemicals. Opt for screens and screen decks installed by well-established machine manufacturer brands as original equipment of vibrating screens and separators.

Want to improve the efficiency of your processing plant? 
We offer a full range of screens and mounting accessories.

We help optimise the screening and classification processes through the right selection of industrial screen types and parameters. We manufacture bespoke screens using all technologies, in a version with pre-installed fittings for crosswise or lengthwise tensioning and in modular systems. We provide polyurethane, woven, mesh, harp, string, finger, rubber, perforated and welded screens. With a wide range of mounting accessories, you will install our screens on all types of screening machines without the need to modify sorter sieves.

PROGRESS SCREENS® solutions and products:

Polyurethane modular and tension screens

Woven and mesh screens

Welded, perforated and milled screens

Harp and string screens

Finger screens

Rubber modular and tension screens

Pro-CLIN® and Pro-LINE® system slotted screens

Screen decks for vibrating screens

Screen frames for sorters

Screen frame regeneration



Technological processes supported:

Initial classification

End classification

Wet screening

Dry screening

Technological transport






Need hybrid solutions for special assignments?
Opt for the experience and advanced technological capabilities. 

Working with a tough and demanding raw material? Are standard solutions not adequate? Our team will design and implement an optimum solution adapted to you specific processes and infrastructure. Our extensive experience and advanced production capabilities will help you achieve your goals and targets even under extremely demanding conditions. We provide additional reinforcements and bracings to extend the durability and life of your screens. We select and combine the best material and design solutions especially for you to ensure your plant operates with maximum efficiency. 

Ensure a long life cycle of decks with the proper installation and operation of screens. 

With dedicated systems, catches and fittings, you will install any screen type and ensure its proper operation. Thus you will extend their service life, reducing costs and the risk of failures and production downtimes.

Order screens from our warehouse and reduce lead times.

Enjoy timely delivery and competitive lead times. In the event of sudden failures, you can always count on us for immediate support. For permanent cooperation, we carry out annual production orders under agreements as scheduled. 

We manufacture and maintain
screen decks for sorters 

We offer a broad range of round and rectangular screen frames for all types of separators, sorters and screening machines. We use woven, mesh and perforated screens that we manufacture. We provide for the possibility to install additional elements such as chassis, load-bearing and support structures and flanges.

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