A specialised manufacturer of industrial screens.

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    We have been gaining experience in the manufacturing and designing of industrial screens since 1988.

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Architectural meshes and grilles

Progress Architektura

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  We deliver our solutions to clients in over 60 countries around the world.

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We work according to the highest global norms and standards.

We manufacture industrial screens and specialized parts for machines, filters and equipment.



We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial sieves. We specialize in the production of wedge wire Pro-SLOT® welded profile wires, modular and tension polyurethane sieves and all types of steel sieves, including woven and mesh sieves, round and flat wire harp sieves, harp sieves and welded and perforated sieves. At the same time, we design and make sieve-based components and parts for leading manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment such as vibrating screeners, sorters, centrifuges, industrial filters, drum catchers, bend sieves and filter presses.

We advise on the selection of sieve parameters and help optimize technological processes.



As an engineering company, we help improve mechanical sination, drainage, filtration and separation processes. We comprehensively serve production and processing plants and manufacturers of specialized machines and equipment. We provide sieve-based solutions for sifting and demulsing aggregates, sand, gravel, dewatering and enrichment of hard coal and lignite, gold, copper, iron ores, zinc, lead, potassium, uranium, salt, cellulose, paper, oil and gas drilling and exploitation, filtration and separation processes in the production of sugar, starch, paper, purification and treatment of process and process water and industrial wastewater.