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How to increase the satisfaction of users of machines and devices?

Whatever the screen, such a process.

The satisfaction of users of machines and devices depends directly on the satisfaction of their clients. And this focuses on the quality of their products. It is the result of the correct work of each element of the technological line, and especially the screening elements constituting the heart of the process. Installing low quality screens incurs a huge risk and it is not just about losing the customer. The risk concerns the reputation of your brand. So how to ensure satisfaction without generating excessive costs? Choose a supplier who knows the needs of the end users, and at the same time is able to design economically effective solutions.


Are you looking for a reliable screen manufacturer?

We are at your disposal. PROGRESS SCREENS® is a proven and recognised manufacturer of industrial screens. An experienced team of our designers and engineers, as well as manufacturing capabilities, ensure the delivery of optimal solutions in the shortest possible time. The Pro-SLOT® wedge wire screen in the form of screen decks, sieve bends, wedge wire baskets for centrifuges and OSO dewatering screens solutions are ideally suited to the fine-mining processes. Just as woven, polyurethane and rubber screens meet the highest expectations in terms of quality, tolerance and durability.

Use the potential of PROGRESS SCREENS® screens and our experience in the processing of hard coal, lignite, copper, iron ore, zinc, lead, potassium, uranium and salt.





Vibrating screens

Sieve bend

Drum screener

Filtration columns

Wedge wire baskets

Screw presses




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