Brewery and Malt house


Let’s enhance your brewing and malting production efficiency together.

We provide comprehensive support for breweries, malthouses, and OEMs.

Benefit from our experience and solutions. Improve efficiency and optimise production costs in brewing and filtration, steeping, germination and malt drying processes. Count on wedge wire floors installed as original equipment by leading OEM equipment manufacturers and process lines.

We design and manufacture custom-made perforated and wedge wire false bottoms, as well as floors for steeping tanks, germination, and kilning vessels

We design and manufacture screen floors with dimensions tailored to individual fitting and process requirements. Our production capabilities allow us to manufacture floors and segments in circular, triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal shapes. Depending on the technical specifications, we use 28 Sb — 42 Sb working wires in a slot range of 0.7 — 2.0 mm.

Increase your process efficiency and lower production costs with our Pro-SLOT® wedge wire floors with larger open area.

Wedge wire floors are made from welded profile wire screens and are a high-tech alternative to perforated floors. The increased open area (up to 42%) provides better hot air flow, which helps to increase dryer efficiency. More efficient hot air flow accelerates the removal of moisture from the green malt and effectively reduces the drying process time. Lower airflow resistance allows the use of fans with less powerful motors, resulting in lower energy costs.

PRGRESS SCREENS® solutions and products:

Wedge wire flooring for brewing tanks

Perforated floors for brewing tubs

Wedge wire floors for flat-bottomed tanks

Perforated floors for flat-bottomed tanks

Wedge wire floors for germinators

Perforated floors for germinating plants

Wedge wire floors for dryers

Perforated floors for dryers

Diatomaceous earth filter cartridges



We support technological processes:

Soaking the grain

Germination of grain

Drying the grain

Wort brewing

Beer filtration



We install complete flooring systems and replace individual segments.

The service includes a site visit, expert advice, design, dismantling, installation, levelling, technical consultation and after-sales service. The whole process is supervised by professionals with many years of experience and technical expertise.

Minimise downtime costs and risk of costly breakdowns.

The perfectly flat surface of the Pro-SLOT® wedge wire floor minimises the risk of damage caused by collisions with mixing and grain scraping equipment. The use of triangular profile wires significantly improves and speeds up the floor cleaning process.

We produce wedge wire candle cartridges for kieselguhr filters.

We offer sets of diatomite filter slit cartridges for beer filtration and stabilisation. Pro-SLOT® wedge wire cartridges are characterised by their high strength and resistance to mechnical deformation.

You can always count on support.
Benefit from professional advice.

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