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Increase the competitiveness of your products and solutions

Our goal is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of technological processes

For over 30 years, we have been helping increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the screening, dewatering, filtering, and separation processes. This way, we can optimise the performance of your plant together, while reducing the unit costs of the manufacturing process and increasing the profitability of the plant.

industrial basket testing

When implementing innovations and improving the products, we use our expertise, experience, and our own Research and Development Centre

The launch of the Research and Development Centre allows us to focus on improving our products in terms of material, construction, and assembly solutions, as well as on optimising the manufacture technology. However, the key is our specialised process and technological expertise, as well the long-time experience of our team of engineers, constructors, and technologists. We also actively collaborate with world-class experts and academic and scientific centres. Progress is not just in our name. It is firmly embedded in our DNA.

industrial screen testing

Every implementation is preceded by a series of tests

During the laboratory, operation, and commissioning tests, we verify the assumed performance and durability parameters in various environments and operating conditions. We have to make sure that the product you receive is ready for work.

Use the potential of your products and gain advantage over growing competition

Stable growth requires a constant search for new solutions and viable competitive advantages. We are aware and firmly believe that by improving our screens, we also help you improve your products.