Reduce the downtime cost and the breakdown risk

Our goal is to provide the highest manufacturing standards

We offer the highest quality standards, ensuring the correct and effective functioning of our solutions. The control process is carried out methodically and parallel to the manufacturing process and at every stage thereof.

For quality control, we use our own laboratory and certified control and measure tools with an accreditation of the PCA (Polish Centre for Accreditation)

We work with a first-rate and certified equipment that is subject to consistent calibration. That is why we can be sure that the multi-stage control process provides reliable and exact data. We put a particular focus on maintaining the repeatability in the tolerances determined for the project. We control the charge material at the three stages of the manufacturing process, which is confirmed with a relevant certificate and a quality certificate for each controlled batch. We keep full records of the quality control results of raw materials and semi-finished and finished products. This ensures the complete identifiability of irregularities in the manufacturing process, both in regards to their origin and their significance. We use statistical control methods and the system of conscious article improvement across the organisation.

Bet on the PROGRESS SCREENS quality


Size and diameter check

Slot or mesh size check

Crossbar spacing check

Weld quality check

Flatness and straightness check

Profile tilt measure




Weld durability measure

Stretch and hardness tests

Roughness measure for any selected surface

Lacquer coating thickness check

Checking the steel grade of the provided components

Documentation compliance check



Safety and compliance with the global standards are confirmed by the certificates

Since the implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 in 1996, we and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance have been consistently improving the processes and products while complying with the global standards EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-2:2018 certified by TÜV Rheinland.

We begin our quality creation process by verifying and selecting partners

Our supply chain is based on a diversified network of suppliers and partners. We represent a sustainable approach and comply with the principles of quality, transparency, and social responsibility. Every supplier is subject to the authorisation procedure, undergoing the verification process and the trial period.