Strengthen your supply chain and gain a reliable partner

Our goal is to help you successfully overcome technological challenges

For over 30 years, we have been helping increasing the efficiency and reliability of the screening, dewatering, filtering, and separation processes. We have been working with many companies from their very beginning and have been an integral part of their growth, market successes, and effective implementations of innovative technologies.

We supply components based on screens to leading manufacturers of, among others: screens, centrifuges, drum screeners, curved screens, screw presses, filters, and other industrial machines and devices.

We understand how important our role is in securing the supply chain and the continuity of manufacturing processes. The wide product range and machining capabilities as well as the comprehensive support make us ideally suited as the main supplier of industrial screens. We are prepared to carry out orders for individual and serial manufacture of both simple and complex products with high tolerance requirements.

We are a proven technological and business partner

The PROGRESS SCREENS brand has earned the respect of Customers in over 60 countries around the world. This is confirmed by many references and recommendations of our solutions. You can be sure of our support and commitment at every stage of our collaboration. We look forward to taking on your challenge!