Meet your objectives with customised solutions

Our goal is to design an optimal solution

We focus on a thorough understanding of the project in context of your goals and priorities. We conduct a detailed analysis of not only the technical and operational requirements but also of the logistic and business requirements. The multi-dimensional approach allows us to take into account all the risks related to your project.

Together we create the vision and details of the solution, supporting the entire implementation process: from the tests to the installation, commissioning, and after-sales service


In the design of specific solutions, we invest our screen expertise and over three decades of experience in implementing specialised products in many industries and sectors. We provide the optimal choice of the type, technical parameters, material variants, and finishes of the screen adapted to the specifics and conditions of the work. We offer the ability to conduct implementation tests at your plant. The professional advice and comprehensive support at each stage of the collaboration are as important to us as the quality of the products themselves.

Meet your objectives with PROGRESS SCREENS


Improve the quality of end products

Optimise the effectiveness of the technological process

Increase the profitability and efficiency of the entire plant

Use the modern assembly systems

Modernise or commission a new manufacturing line

Place new products and solutions on the market




Reduce the costs of production downtimes

Improve life span and lifetime of the equipment

Optimise the waste

Reduce the operating costs

Minimise the failure risk



oil and gas simulation software

We support the engineering process with specialised equipment and software

We use advanced software and applications for solution modelling. The modern approach to technical documentation management and precise calculations allow for minimising the risk of costly errors and misunderstandings.


Analysing the implementation results, we start working on further improvements

Our priority is to meet all goals and objectives of your implementation. That is why we thoroughly analyse the results and the difficulties we have encountered. This the basis for further development and improvement of the products and processes that we implement at the operating stage or during further projects.