industrial screens production

Gain access to a wide range of customised products

Our goal is to quickly provide you with a finished customised product

The comprehensive approach and the automation allow for synchronisation of all the stages of the manufacturing process. We systematically analyse and optimise the lead times for implementation of particular operations. This way, we eliminate unnecessary downtimes and you save time.

We specialise in the screen manufacturing and provide a wide range of project and material solutions, as well as advanced processing capabilities

Our advantage is manufacturing industrial screens in all available technologies. That is why we offer optimal solutions in terms of your needs and not our limitations. We provide slotted screens and tubes, crimp (braided) and woven screens, harp screens, string screens, as well as welded and perforated screens in a wide range of material variants. In addition to steel screens, we also offer plastic screens and accessories, like rubber and polyurethane screens in tensioned and modular systems. The modern machinery and manufacturing process with precisely defined technology for every operation allows for maintaining the required tolerances and repeatability.

ndustrial screens manufacturing programme:


Pro-SLOT® flat and round welded wedge wire (slotted) plates and cylinders

Pro-SLOT® wedge wire baskets for all types of centrifuges

Pro-SLOT® wedge wire inserts for curved screens and dewatering presses

Pro-SLOT® rotary wedge wire screens for FOTI and FITO drum screeners

Tank and reactor filtration parts

Floors and chambers based on Pro-SLOT® wedge wire screens

Filtration inserts based on crimp and woven Pro-SLOT® wedge wire screens

Woven screens in rolls and templates, as well as forged woven screens

Braided screens for screening machines with transverse and longitudinal tension




Circular and rectangular screen frames for screening machines and sorters

Harp screens made of round and flat profile with lacing brackets

String screens with brackets and lacings

Finger screens and hoppers for initial qualification

Modular polyurethane screens in 6 mounting systems

Tensioned polyurethane mats and screens with additional reinforcements

Rubber modular and tensioned mats and screens

Polyurethane and rubber accessories in the form of



Effective planning and precise formatting reduce costs and waste

We use advanced precise formatting technologies adapted to the product specifics. We provide guillotine cutting as well as plasma and water cutting (Water Jet). Effective planning allows for reducing waste and thus the costs of every order. We are prepared to execute urgent orders in emergency situations.

The technological potential reduces the number of contractors and the lead times

We have extensive machining, reinforcing, processing, and finishing capabilities. In our three plants, we carry out individual and serial manufacture of spare parts, including, among others: in the form of screen plates and rotary screens for all types of screening machines, sorters, screeners, and separators, dewatering centrifuge baskets, and filtration inserts for machines and devices.


Machining and processing:



Guillotine cutting

WaterJet water cutting

Plasma cutting

Precise part turning

Welding in the technology of …


Levelling in the flatness and straightness tolerance



Surface finish:


Polishing and grinding





Elektropoler (electropolishing)

Powder coating

Speed of delivery is supported by our dynamic warehouse policy

The availability of semi-finished products and components allows for starting the manufacturing process without unnecessary delays, which effectively reduces the lead time. The stocks of finished products and individual contracts mean that selected products can reach you the very next day after you place your order.