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We concentrate our energy and work on constant development of both our organisation and particular employees as well as all our products and solutions. In that way we directly influence the development of technologies and at the same time the development of particular businesses. Through increased effectiveness of the classification, separation and filtration processes we contribute to more effective use of our limited resources.

Provide solutions...


Full service
We offer our customers full service. It includes consultancy concerning choosing type and dimensions of a screen with its parameters and design which takes into consideration individual preferences as well as offering ready product with full service and assembly.

Cost control
Quality of our products can guarantee savings in our customers’ budgets – in the form of shorter and less frequent stoppages. The process of shared planning gives similar advantages.

Completion time and deadlines
Time is another critical area. We are perfectly aware of responsibility to our customers, also in the field of deadlines. Our internal solutions concerning production and logistic processes enable short time of order completion.

Introducing novelties...


Fresh innovations
The dynamic growth of particular businesses with their globalisation and unification force us to look for more and more effective solutions. Introducing novelties is becoming a key factor. We use the potential of our engineers and possibilities offered by our laboratory, we are able very quickly to check our solutions in order to obtain optimal parameters which our customers need.

Process optimisation
There are no two identical resource beds and two identical media, therefore knowledge supported by experience of our specialists is indispensable for process optimization. Due to it, we are always able to deliver optimal solutions, both from technical and cost points of view.

Learning organisation
We are following new trends in technology in all the fields of economy. We actively participate in Polish and European business events such as fairs and conferences. We get to know key factors which are decisive for the effectiveness of our customers’ processes.



Customer is the most important element
We stay close to our customers and their factories, close to challenges they face. Due to that knowledge and experience we are able to create optimal solutions for them, solutions which fulfil their needs. We know it because we systematically study our customers’ satisfaction and analyse their needs.

Cooperation with us means cooperation with professional and qualified team, on every project and order level. It means really everyone: engineers, production workers, sales representatives, service and assembly team.

We cooperate with tried and tested business partners. We demand a lot of suppliers and contractors which is to aim at securing our customers’ interests. We have equally high requirements for our workers and for works of our branches and foreign agencies.