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We provide our customers with full, efficient and effective service. As a manufacturer we feel obliged to support them in proper operation of screens, nets, filters and other products. We want them to use these products optimally. Professional service team enables to use our products effectively during their implementation.

As engineers we own full documentation of screens, industrial filters, products, devices and other elements. It gives us the possibility of their modification on customer’s request or change sub-assemblies which demand reconstruction. We offer both guarantee and post-guarantee service with spare parts delivery. We also carry out general overhauls and modernization of devices.

Service programme includes assembly and overhaul services concerning:

  • Complete screen deck building
  • Single screen module change
  • Sifter rebuilding for particular screen and assembly type
  • Complete processing line maintenance
  • Regeneration, modernization and general overhauls of particular devices
  • Screen / filter segment and sub-assembly change
  • Setting and screen-setting centrifuge overhauls

Modern machines, know-how and qualified personnel enable us to deliver products which fulfil customers’ demands and quality requirements. We deliver tried and tested solutions in the form of ready assembly options.


We offer full consultative programme within the scope of choosing screens and technical nets, filter segments and process solutions to be used in many industrial processes such as: screening, classification, crushing, sorting, calibration, proportioning, dehydration, dehumidification, enrichment, desludging, purifying, separation and filtration.

The professional team of engineers guarantee to prepare quickly the most optimal solutions. The prepared projects fulfil all the requirements. The team understands perfectly the critical factors such as reliability, prompt completion of work and budgetary discipline. Very often given problems need innovative solutions.

Consultative programme includes consultancy and design within the scope of:

  • Choosing screen and technical nets depending on work parameters
  • Choosing optimal technical parameters of technical screen or screen segment
  • Choosing materials
  • Choosing proper working surface finish
  • Choosing optimal assembly option for particular processing line
  • Information concerning proper assembly and operation of screens and industrial filters
  • Laboratory tests of material and filtration factor samples
  • Increasing effectiveness and processing capabilities
  • Increasing life-span of screens and industrial filters
  • Completing of new processing lines and factories
  • Expansion and modernization of processing lines
  • Preparing technical documentation


We thoroughly transmit full knowledge concerning functionality and technical parameters of our solutions, including those connected with security. We have at our disposal a laboratory of materials and full technical documentation. We offer solutions as a single product or full processing lines. Our services and deliveries are offered also in “turn-key” system.

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