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Rotary sieve - fine wire drum screen


Rotary fine wire screens are used for mechanical separation of solid particles from liquids. They are made from fine wire screens with carrying and strengthening structure. They are characterized by capability of working in continuous mode, high efficiency combined with low energy consumption and self-cleaning.

From 0,02mm
Stainless and acid-resistant steel (see wedge wire screens – materials.)
Depending on purpose and demanded output (Standard: Ø – 300, 405, 600, 640, 900, 916, 1230mm; length: 500-3500mm)

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Industrial screens

  • Square, rectangular mesh, mesh-less screens
  • Simple weave (plain) and oblique weave
  • Mesh: from 0,02 mm
  • Max. width: 4000 mm
  • Max. length: any
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