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Reinforced wedge wire screens


Reinforced wedge wire screens are flat panels of pressure welded screens, forged in frames and prepared for assembly. Dynamically working segments to be built in vibrating sifters demand proper strengthening depending on screen load and proper frame which will guarantee proper fixing of screen to the sifter’s frame and extend life span.Segments working statically – they can work without special strengthening as bottoms and beds in tanks or storage and sewage reservoirs.

From 0,05mm
According to the wedge wire screen catalogue – standard shaped wires Sb type or special Sbb type, other on customer’s request.
According to the wedge wire screen catalogue (see also wedge wire screens – materials). Frame according to customer’s request.
According to customer’s request

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Industrial screens

  • Slot: from 0,05 mm
  • AISI (430, 304, 321, 316Ti, 317) Duplex A 669
  • Max. size: 3500 x 4000 mm
  • Standard working wire Sb type special wire Sbb type
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  • Slot: from 0,02 mm
  • Max. length: 6000 mm
  • Ø – min: 100 mm; max: 630 mm
  • Internal and external flow
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