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Offer "Purchase of Forklift and software"


Progress Eco S.A., in relation to the project The construction of a technological line for architectural metal structures carried out within the scope of Action 1.1 – Direct support of micro, small and medium companies of Regional Operational Programme of Świętokrzyskie Region for 2007-2013, announces call for offers concerning the purchase of:

1) Forklift
Minimal technical requirements:
• Lifting capacity: 2500 kg
• Fork length: 1200mm
• Drive: LPG
• Lifting height: 3000mm
• Lateral fork shift required
Additional remarks: New, required documents: valid UDT protocol, Declaration of conformity with EU Directives (CE)

2) EQUIST software
Technical parameters:
• Defining equivalents for steel according to norms of 23 countries
• Possibility of working in: English, French, German and Hungarian
• Steel selection basing on a given use
• Steel selection basing on defined mechanical properties
• Defining steel denotation in different norms basing on chemical constitution
• Possibility of adding notes to records
• Different searching schemes of database
• Possibility of data exchange with other programmes working on Windows
• Choice of different display and record sorting formats
• Statistic calculations, manual selection and creating new queries

Choice criteria: price
Deadline for offers: 8.12.2009

Interested parties please contact:
Dobrów 7, 28+142 Tuczępy
Tel. 015 864 62 70
Fax. 015 864 62 72

Interested parties please contact Mr Paweł Waszczuk

Project co-financed by the European Union from the Regional Development Fund and the State Treasury

...for the development of Świętokrzyskie Region...

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